What Size Solar Panel To Charge 100Ah Battery?

Are you looking for what size solar panel to charge 100ah battery? We are going to discuss everything in detail in this article.

First of all, let me tell you that there are different kind of batteries for example car battery and deep cycle battery.

A deep cycle battery is more powerful than a car battery. A deep cycle battery is lead acid battery which provide sustained power for a long period of time and run reliably. The battery gives this power until 80% is discharged and after that it needs to be recharged.

So, considering that you are using deep cell battery.

what size solar panel to charge 100ah battery

What size solar panel to charge 100ah battery?

A 180 – 240 W Solar Panel would be required to charge 100 ah battery for 5 hours of direct sunlight on clear sky. It would take total of approx. 8 hours to get fully charged.

What is AH?

As we are discussing regarding 100 ah battery. We need to understand what exactly AH means. Then only one can take proper decision.

Ampere Hour is abbreviated as AH. It is use to measure the battery capacity. AH simply means how many ampere a battery can deliver in a hour.

Ampere Hour = Current * Discharge Time

For example, a 100 Ah battery can deliver power to a 25 ampere device for 4 hours (100 Ah = 25 A * 4 hours ).

Why use solar panels to charge batteries?

First of all, it is green energy and affordable source of energy. Solar energy is much reliable as well. It gives you freedom from grid. You can easily set it up any where while travelling, camping and also easy to set up at our offices and homes.

Solar Energy is also the future technology which will be used in mass. You can carry solar panels anywhere you go and charge your batteries. So its portable enough.

Also setting up solar panels is not that hard. Anyone can do it. Once set up it will be cheapest source of electricity. Hence there are lots of benefits to use solar panels.

How to workout the size of solar panel you need?

Lets assume your battery voltage is 12 Volt.

So, According to the formula: Watts = Ampere X  Volt

Here, 100 A x 12 volt = 1200 Watt Solar Panel ( means 1200 W solar panel will take 1 hr of sunlight to recharge)

So, if you are getting direct sunlight of 6 – 8 hours then 1200 / 6 = 200 W Solar Panel is sufficient.

How to know the size of Solar Panel?

How many solar panels does it take to charge a 100Ah battery?

To get the size of Solar Panel you have to consider three things.

First of all, The Ampere Hour (Ah) of the battery

Secondly, The Voltage of the battery

Lastly, the how fast you want the battery to get charged with respect to the availability of the sunlight.

For example, if you want to charge your 12 volt 100 Ah battery in 5 hours then you need 240 W solar panel

12 volt x 100 Ah = 1200 W; 1200 W/5 = 240 W

Can a 100W solar panel charge a 100Ah battery?

100 W solar panel is more popular in the market due to its compact size. They are portable and can be easily carried for any vacation or camping kind of thing.

One thing you should keep in mind, 100 W solar panel can be used for lighter use or 50 Ah battery or less.

A 100 W solar panel would take more than 12 hours to recharge a 12 v and 100 Ah battery. It will take 12 – 13 hours approx. to fully recharge the battery that also on a clear sky and full sunlight.

So, it is not advisable to use 100 W Solar Panel for 100 Ah battery.

How long will a 100W solar panel take to charge a 100Ah battery?

If you charge full battery then it may take around 12 hours of time. Assuming for regular use, the battery will be discharge to at most 80% then it will take at most 9 hours to charge fully. This is the time when the solar panel get 9 hours direct sunlight without any shadows and clouds.

How many solar panels does it take to charge a 100Ah battery?

For this we have to assume few things like:

The voltage of the battery: 12 volt ( as 100Ah battery is 12 volt generally)

Time to charge : 5 hours

Then You need 240 W of solar panel. You can buy one 240 W Solar panel or two 120 W solar panel or five 50 W solar panels.

Here you may have one question how to connect two or more solar panels? Then yes our next topic to discuss in this article in related to that only.

Can you connect two or more solar panels?

Yes you can connect.

Simply we can say like in every other battery we have one positive and one negative terminal. Solar panels also have positive and negative. So you can connect positive of one of the terminal to negative of another terminal. By this way you can create a series connection.

To create a parallel connection, connect all positives of the terminal to the positive of another. By this way you can be able to create a parallel circuit.

For example, if You connect 5 solar panels in parallel and each one rated with 12 volt and 4 Amp. The entire connection would be of 12 volt and 20 Amp.

Can you connect a solar panel directly to a battery?

The answer is No. This will be risky if you directly connect solar panel to a battery as it may cause over charging issue. So, we will advice to always use a solar charge controller.

How long to charge 100Ah battery with 200W solar panel?

If you use 200 W solar panel which produces 1 amp of current takes near about 5 – 8 hours to fully charge a 100 Ah car battery.

We are talking about car batteries, deep cell batteries etc. You might be wondering what are differences between them. So, now we are going to discuss that only.

Types of batteries you can charge using Solar Panels

To know what size solar panel to charge 100ah battery you must know what is the type of battery you want to charge. Accordingly you can buy one. Previously we have discussed a bit regarding the batteries. Here we will discuss in detail:

There are basically two categories of batteries car battery and deep cycle batteries. As discussed above deep cell batteries are much more beneficial to use and provide power for long period of time.

There are mainly three types of deep cycle batteries which can be charged by a solar panel.

Lithium Ion Battery

These batteries have a high energy density, voltage capacity and lower discharge rate compared to other rechargeable batteries. The charge retention power of this battery is much higher than any other type. This features make this battery more beneficial to use.

Gel Cell Battery

It is a lead acid battery. Here when the electrolyte use to mix with sulphuric acid and silica, it forms a gel like substance. When compared to flooded battery it is having an edge of maintenance free and no need to change water which provides safe operation as there is no liquid inside.

AGM battery

AGM batteries is advanced lead acid batteries. This battery makes use of glass mat made up of thin glass fibers. You can be discharged it to 50% without any harsh impact. These batteries don’t contain any water inside.

AGM Battery vs Gel Cell Battery

Comparing AGM and Gel Cell Battery, it is seen gel cell batteries lose power at faster rate than AGM. Talking about AGM batteries. It can work at extreme weather conditions. AGM batteries have high life span than gel cell.

AGM cell battery can be best where there high usage of power. These batteries are also cheap. However, leaking percentage is less in gel cell because of gel composition. So, seeing all the features AGM is the winner.

But when comparing with Lithium ion battery. It is the best at the market at present.

FAQs: What size solar panel to charge 100ah battery ?

What solar panel do I need for 100Ah battery?

Lets assume your battery is of 12 volt and 20 ampere. Then it will take 5 hours to charge battery of 100 ah. Then you will require 240 watt solar panel to be exact.

Our opinion for you is to buy 300 watt solar panel single or 3 x 100 Watt Solar Panel. If you it single then you need not assemble it every time but if you buy it separately then you can use it multi purposely.

How long will a 300w solar panel take to charge a 100Ah battery?

It will take mostly 4-5 hours to charge the battery completely.

How many solar panels do I need to charge a 100Ah battery in 5 hours?

To be exact you will need 240 watt solar panel or 2 120 watt solar panel. But it is always recommended to buy slightly higher wattage solar panel rather than exact requirement. Here you can consider one 300 watt solar panel or 3 100 watt solar panels.

How long will a 200W solar panel take to charge a battery?

A 200 watt solar panel which generates 1 amp current takes 5 – 8 Hours to completely charge a 12 volt battery.

Conclusion: Size of Solar Panel to charge 100 Ah Battery

100 Ah of 12 Volt deep cycle lead acid battery and that can be any type of battery according to your requirement can be charged using 240 W of Solar Panel within 5-7 hours depending upon the availability of direct sunlight and clear sky.

So, now we think you have got the entire idea regarding what size solar panel to charge 100ah battery? and also other knowledge linked to it. For more such knowledgeable post must visit our homepage of solarenergylive. Thank you. Visit again for more latest post regarding solar energy.

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